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RMN Mechanical

Heating Air Conditioning & Indoor Air Quality

RMN Mechanical. Co.Inc. is a leading New England air conditioning and heating contractor offering industry best service and solutions. We are not a company who pushes equipment out the door to make a quick buck. Instead, we're a company who listens to the needs of our customers, and then meets those needs precisely. 

We're a certified Trane Comfort Specialist, which is an accreditation given only to the elite. It exemplifies our dedication to great service, and innovation products. 



Complete Home Care

It doesn't matter what your heating and air conditioning need is - we have the skill sets and experience required to meet the need quickly. From routine maintenance to repair to replacement and new installations. Although we primarily base our new solutions on reliable Trane® equipment, we also service and repair any make and model of equipment. Call us today at (508) 830-3552 for the RMN HVAC company you've been searching for!

Repair For Any Model

The adage, "you get what you pay for" is often true, and it definitely applies to heating and air conditioning repair. RMN has the experience and knowledge required to accurately assess a problem. Way too many people pay to replace equipment when that isn't needed. Trust RMN to only fix what needs fixing, and to have your

System Installation

If you walk away from anything today, we hope it is this: the quality of the design and installation of your heating and air conditioning system is crucial to realizing not only the efficiency ratings on the equipment, but performance and reliability. Too many homeowners suffer at the hand of inexperienced contractors. RMN does the job right!

Maintenance & Support

As we mentioned above, we're not here to just sell you an air conditioner or heat pump. RMN Mechanical Co. Inc. is about providing you with exceptional indoor comfort control. That means ongoing maintenance for your heating and air conditioning system. We're around to answer your questions, tune your system and implement additional items and upgrades.

Innovative Products

Heating and air conditioning has come a long way in the last few years. Now, modern indoor comfort products offer a wide range of efficiency and control. From variable speed fan motors that are whisper quiet, to digital thermostats that are like miniature control stations for the comfort in your home. Trust RMN for the latest in heating and air conditioning technology!

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